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OUR MISSION | Restore This City

Restoration Church's mission is to provide connection points where ordinary people can meet an extraordinary God. When the Divine meets the mundane, lives radically change. At Restoration, we don't want to go to church, we want to be the church.

OUR PURPOSE | It's All About Jesus

Everything we do, from our music to our kids' ministry, to our service projects, is all about Jesus. Jesus is the only One who can change our lives from the inside out. Whenever someone asks why we do what we do, the answer is "because Jesus is worth it".

OUR WORSHIP | It's A Way Of Life

At restoration we strive to make our worship a lifestyle, not something we just do when we gather. Music is not worship but merely one avenue which we can express our worship. Our music is modern, sometimes rocking, sometimes laid back, but always genuine. Our worship services are culturally relevant and the dress is what ever you wear.

OUR BELIEFS | Why we serve others

We believe the Bible is God's Word - It tells us how we can have a restored relationship with God and how we can live the lives He intended for us.

We believe in Jesus - Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He became incarnate being born of a virgin. He died a death He did not deserve and conquered sin and death for all time.

We believe man was created in innocence but chose to rebel against God - We are all still in this state of rebellion until we accept God's free gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.


A comfortable, casual environment - Restoration is a welcoming place to worship God and connect with other people. You'll fit right in no matter what you're wearing.


A fun, safe environment for the kids - At Restoration, we love kids. During the main worship event, the kids have their own activities and worship. From babies through 5th grade, your children will have a great time and learn some great truths along the way.

A relevant message - We talk about real life and how God has an amazing plan for each of us. Each Sunday we share how Jesus can change us and the world.

Modern music - We use the sounds of our generation to echo back our praise to God.

Great coffee - What else can we say!

If you have any questions you would like to have answered before visiting, call Pastor Dave at 843.513.7728 or email him at




Romans 1 - The Gospel According to Paul

Romans 2 - The Depth of Grace

Romans 3 - God is Just and the Justifier

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